sabbione 1

non giudicare chi tenta e fallisce ma chi non vuole tentare

In questo forum saranno pubblicati e discussi gli esercizi di inglese.

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vittorio kouki
Your work is ok. Add a personal comment on the song.
My dear Ilda try to be more summarizing on what you write. But add a personal comment.
Scusi per il ritardo ma stavo male e non sono riuscita a finirla prima
Really well done!!! Your work is the best up to now. Add only a personal comment


Well done, Valentina. But add a personal comment and the title there is an Italian word that shouldn't be there.
come together..

Quite good! Add a personal comment, please.

Try to correct what I put here:

"I chose this song because I like it.

This is about an old (?), and (who?)describes it.

I especially like when he says "come together".

it is said that every verse of this song refers to each of the Beatles."


Your presentation is not complete. There isn't the history of the song, then add a personal comment



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