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non giudicare chi tenta e fallisce ma chi non vuole tentare

In questo forum saranno pubblicati e discussi gli esercizi di inglese.

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ppt.imagine :)
You wrote: I chose this song because I liked the topics and were very beautiful.
Do you know what are the topics? do you know that you must always use a subject in front of a verb in English? How many times we said that...
Spero le vada bene...
And which one do you prefer? John's or Yoko's idea? You could say.....
ppt rifatto beatles
non si legge niente! non è la prima volta che fate una presentazione eppure avreste dovuto ormai imparare che non si scrive sulle immagini!
I perfectly agree with  prof. Solida's message. And then, where is your personal comment on the song?
Imagine (:
You wrote:  I choose this song because the words are beautiful. I heard Imagine
since I was baby. The text talk about paradise, brotherhood and the future.
This song make you thing,and it’s melody is very nice.


Correct the headlighted words, please. There some VERY BAD MISTAKES.  

Con commento :)

You wrote:

I chose this song because I liked the words it contained and then it was my favorite song of the beatles. 

Correct please: .....I like contains ..... and it is ......Beatles

di quali canzoni non avete l'mp3?



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