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non giudicare chi tenta e fallisce ma chi non vuole tentare

In questo forum saranno pubblicati e discussi gli esercizi di inglese.

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Scusi prof ma sono stato un periodo senza internet per problemi tecnici

Dear Gabriele, the quickness is not always a good company. Reread your work and download it correct again.


Back in the U.S.S.R.
Dear Mihai, thanks for your celerity. But add a personal comment at your presentation.


Dear Gianmarco, 
your text is not correct . Your opinion is full of errors. And the other part is just a copy of what you found on internet. If is too long you should sum up the story. The titles, then, have to be translated in English. 
I choose let it be because it’ s my favourite song , the words that the group
use for this song are so pretty that I catch the text of this song and I put
It (: ??????
all you need is love
How little fantacy! Some more .... please!
get back. canton umberto

You wrote:

I chose this song because I really liked the text and all (...) words used by the Beatles. The song is very meaningful and interesting, maybe one of those I liked most about  this British group.

Yesterday Vittorio.K


You wrote:

 I chose this song because I like (...) words that are used for their meaning, for the person who wrote evoke his emotions at that moment

Inside there are mistakes: Correct them trying to explain better your thoughts. . 



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